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Bharat Technology's head office is located in Delhi which is overseen by the overseas office in Sydney (Australia). Bharat Technology is one of the leaders in the telecom sector and has been a high powered company for more than 26 years now.

Bharat Technology is a leading name in the telecom sector that offers a wide range of services from mobile tower installation itself to providing satellite connectivity, site survey and RFI, documentation and foundation and shelter services. In order to ensure that our clients are satisfied and are not caught up in bureaucratic red-tapism, we liaise between the concerned document specialist and the service provider. The solutions and services we offer to the property owners who register with our company include soil test reports of their land, obtaining an NOC before mobile tower installation and procuring the foundation designs along with the layout plans of the structure. We employ excellent telecom professionals who are trained to prioritize your needs and wishes.

40% of the business in the mobile tower market and telecom is controlled by Bharat Technology. The company has received a contract from Aircel / Idea Telecom in November 2013 to install 34000 mobile towers and also from Vodafone, which is the country's largest cell telecom company, for the installation of 7,000 cell towers. This is the company's biggest achievement for the year 2013 and the credit for this success goes to the company's world class management, dedicated employees and brilliant technical team. The company has reached such great heights only because of the dedication and hard work of everyone at Bharat Technology . Bharat Technology has successfully installed cell towers in countless towns, villages, metropolitan cities, national highways and state highways of Delhi, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Maharashtra, West Bengal, Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh.

Bharat Technology only uses premiere technology that is available in the globe and equipment that is certified by the Government of India. This equipment requires minimal maintenance for a period of 15 years.

We present you and your site with flexibility, as well as extensive cost-cutting business value through a combination of processes, high quality and innovation. Our services cover all geographical locations wherein we install mobile towers. Our efficacy is reflected in the mere 48 hours we take to complete the installation. Our Quality Plan and Business Strategies use the latest technology available to man. In a day and age where value systems are diminishing, our drive to maintain high standards while always being reliable and discreet is our forte.

Bharat Technology's is a well renowned name and is well recognized for its work.

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